Super Bowl Ad Spoilers–Sexual Assault and Sexism? Racism?

If you want to see some Super Bowl ads early, here are some auto-related ones.

Toyota – “Wish Granted”

This one is racking up the hits, but holy overthinking it, Batman! This RAV4 features very little in the commercial and tells current RAV4 owners that the only reason they should think about the new one is because the external spare tire is gone. Instead, we get something that’s funny, but has very little to do with the car. Which is all-new. And they spent the TV ad budget on media time.

Yeah, they’ve gotten 8 million views on YouTube (as of today), but the only thing anybody is going to remember is Kaley Cuoco. And that DirecTv and Toyota some car company now have genies.

Audi – “Prom”

Whoever shoots Audi’s commercials knows what they’re doing; the visual quality is usually more cinematic than the usual car ad.

However, couldn’t the young lady sue for sexual assault? She didn’t like him enough to go with him to prom, and she really didn’t have a choice in the kiss. How many prom date-less dudes are going to try this and be slapped with a lawsuit?

I do like the quick “scene” where the dad throws his son the keys, but on another note: When did it become brave to drive a fast, beautiful and luxurious car?

Volkswagen – “Get In. Get Happy.”

Wow. I don’t know that I’ve felt this uneasy about racism in a commercial in a long time, and I’m far from sensitive. What’s the difference between this commercial and Trisha Takanawa? Or Tonto? Or Gone with the Wind?

Somebody at VW’s agency has some big balls/ovaries. I would pull it before it runs, and just run this one, though it also doesn’t say anything about the brand. Actually, I would just run the dog one I posted earlier this week.



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